Twitter is a dangerous place.

According to a recent story, more than 32 million Twitter accounts have been hacked and leaked.

Why so many hacks and leaks? Part of the reason is users’ passwords. Most are incredibly idiotic and weak. For example, according to security company LeakedSource, by far the most commonly used Twitter passcode was “123456.” This was followed by other predictable codes like “qwerty,” “password,” “12345” and “123456789.”

Don’t want to be hacked on Twitter? Change your password to a word or phrase that’s less predictable. For example, use one of these passwords, which were determined (read: speculated) to be the least common passcodes on Twitter, according to Made Man.

1. CorkyRomanoWasAwesome3000

2. ImFromBostonAndIHateTheRedSox86

3. HamiltonIsOverrated2016

4. TrumpsHairLooksGood66

5. MerylStreepSucksAtActing1979

6. JohnKasich4Prez1

7. UrbanMeyerPlaysFair1000

8. LeBronAndCurryAreBesties23

9. TeachersShouldBePaidLess99

10. MotherTeresaIsSelfish37