I’m a relatively young man. I don’t consider myself wise but I do pay attention more than most people my age. Obviously none of you online know me, but I am what you call mouthy. I love to tell stories, jokes, and in general my life is an open book. I love to have fun and tell those around me exactly what I’m thinking. Believe it or not when I am not talking I am doing something even more important, listening. I truly enjoy a good conversation and especially with those older. I give speeches (mostly on plants) and tomorrow is for a group of seniors 80 and older. Everyday I look at older people and think, what have they done right and what did they do wrong? Here is the list of what I have learned from people 70 and older in relation to finance. I have gathered it all from talking to seniors about what they did right and what they wish they had done.

1. Be patient
Money must be saved over a long period of time. Don’t take high risks for quick returns. Investing is a marathon not a sprint.

2. Take the risks while you are young.
It is ok to take calculated high risks occasionally, but do them when you have time to make it up.

3. Don’t gamble
Gambling is for the desperate and the poor. If you must, do small amounts and view it as
pure entertainment. You will never make money in the long run gambling

4. Stay healthy.
Good health keeps your mind sharp, your doctor bills low, you lifespan long, and lets you work more to make more money. Healthy people make more money

5. Laugh and Smile
See above. Happy people make more money.

6. Buy and car a keep it for many years or if you need a new one buy one a few years old.
A car is one of the biggest waste of money in our lives. People spend too much on new one. Should be buying newer used ones.

7. Everything in moderation.
I learned this from an older customer that used this as his mantra. He said he did everything in moderation from drinking to working. He said it was the key to life

8. Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty
The key to a happy marriage. A good marriage will help you save money or cost you a fortune if it goes bad. People stayed together longer in years past. They were a savings team.

9. Don’t spend your money on worthless things.
Don’t buy anything at the checkout counter, don’t buy collectibles, don’t buy all the worthless junk sold around you at the box stores.

10. Move
Stay active. The more you see the more you learn. The more learn the more ideas you have. The more ideas you have, the more chance you come up with something that will earn or save you money.

These are all my opinions as gathered by my ears. Some people may agree some may not but it’s how I live my life. Enjoy