I was born on the day they landed on the moon and I have always wanted a picture and autograph with Neil Armstrong. When I saw how expensive his autograph was I decided to see who the most valuable living people autos are and couldn’t find one so I made my own. These values are opinions combined with some of my own research. They may not be entirely accurate but pretty close. Obviously the value depends on quality of autograph and what is signed. I am basing the prices on just a signed flat white sheet of paper. Sure you can find these autographs cheaper but they are based on prices of major dealers. I am sure I have missed a few people. Feel free to comment with who I forgot and a source for the pricing. I will add it or continue the list on to 20. Major source of info is Stanley Gibbons Autograph Index 100, ebay, and countless pages on the internet, most of which gave me absolutely no help at all. (UPDATE: It has been pointed out that J.D. Salinger and Thomas Pynchon’s autographs are worth $40,000 plus each. When I update my lists I will include them. Please keep them coming)

1. Neil Armstrong $6500 (based on ebay auctions) He stopped signed in 1995

2. Steve Jobs $5000 + Nobody knows how valuable this would be as he just doesn’t sign for anyone and an autograph has not been for sale for many years.

3. Tiger Woods $2800 Sure you can buy plenty of fakes on ebay but this is what a real autograph from a trusted professional dealer goes for.

4. Bob Dylan $2600 Living legend with High Demand

5. Paul McCartney $2350 Need I say anything.

6. J.K. Rowling $1900 Doesn’t sign nearly as much as she used to. Demand is very high.

7. Russel Crowe $1900

8. Elizabeth Taylor $1800

9. Madonna $1600

10. Pele $1500

11.. Santa Claus $1000 (Just kidding)

12. The Trading Godess. I would rather have a kiss than an autograph
All these autograph prices have increased more than 100% over the last 10 years and some by over 1000%. When you visit Stanley’s you will see he believes the Top 100 autographs’ return are better than stock
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