Philly cheesesteaks, which normally sell for a greasy $7 at the local authentic hot spots on South Street, Philadelphia, have just jumped to a whole new level.

Barclay Prime has the mother of all cheesesteaks on its menu, and it will cost you $100 for one. This queen of steaks is made from genuine Kobe beef, topped with fresh lobster and sprinkled with summer truffles. CBS 3 in Philadelphia reports on the monster:

$100 Cheesesteak – Watch more free videos

The executive chef at Barclay Prime, which is located in historic Rittenhouse Square in Philly, says he pays $17 per pound for the cheese he uses, $21 per pound for the Kobe beef and $900 per pound for the summer truffles. That’s a lot more than the big squirt bottle of Cheez Whiz found at most authentic cheesesteaks locales.

The Chef estimates around 5 or 6 patrons order the cheesesteak per night at his restaurant. Most split it as an appetizer. His creations nets him about $250,000 a year from cheesesteak sales alone.

I’m not sure how well that lobster would sit with the rest of the sandwich, and I have no clue what those ‘truffles’ taste like, but I definitely want to to try this thing. Even if it is gross, Barclay Prime has won awards for its strip steaks and raw bar separately, so you could always order a ‘backup steak’.

I wonder if anyone orders these in the same way people order the $7 steaks on the street? Can you imagine stumbling into this fancy restaurant at 3 in the morning, completely wasted from the bars and demanding extra ‘cheez’ on your steak while fighting a crowd of impatient drunks? Probably not.

CBS3: Philly’s $100 Cheesesteak, May 15, 2008