I’m gonna keep it real simple. This company out of Canada, SAXX, makes some extremely comfortable underwear. It’s probably the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. It really hugs your junk.

The everyday ones, “Vibe,” are great. I wasn’t blown away by the standard performance ones, “Quest,” because they feel more like conventional underwear. But the longer performance ones, “Kinetic,” are unbelievable. They’ve got a seven-inch leg, so you could even wear them under your gym shorts for a little extra muscle support during activities like running or lifting weights or playing basketball.

I won’t get into the science of this stuff, but the bottom line is these Canucks have figured out how to make next-level men’s skivvies. Give ’em a try. Your balls will thank you. Well, not literally. Because testicles can’t talk.

Vibe Stache Product Flat1

Editor’s note: SAXX just announced their limited edition Stache collection in conjunction with their Movember partnership. Last year these collab pieces (example above) sold out in a matter of hours, and $2 from each sale goes to the Movember Foundation. SAXX will be launching a campaign to get the word out about Movember all month, including videos of three Mo Bros who are cancer survivors and champions of men’s health. Watch the teaser for those stories below…