I’m 37, nearly 38. I’m almost a man by Mike Gundy’s definition. What I’m getting at is, I’ve been around the block. And as such, I’ve been let down by many an overpromising product in my day. I’ve tried hair-thickening shampoo that didn’t thicken. Super spicy hot sauce that wasn’t actually that hot. A self-charging phone case that didn’t really charge. So when I saw that Neutrogena’s face wash was called “Invigorating,” I figured it was just another meaningless adjective. Then I tried it. My first reaction was: Holy fuck, that shit wakes you up! It’s like an icy burn on your face. Or like an aftershave lotion that also cleans your skin and somehow energizes your entire being. It didn’t make me do the Macaulay Culkin Home Alone face, but… almost. Give it a try. Just be prepared to be invigorated.