I’m a roll-on guy. Always have been. Even back in middle school, when every kid in the locker room was spraying half a can of Right Guard under his arms after gym class. Then I tried one of these new dry spray antiperspirants. In a word: game-changer.

It’s not sticky like the old spray-on deodorants, and it doesn’t make your armpits crusty or turn them white or anything. It just keeps you smelling and feeling fresh all day. (Or even two days, according to the makers.)

I used Degree Dry Spray Adventure (pictured) at the US Open and I was comfortable and dry for a two-hour Serena match and an epic four-hour Nadal match. Same thing happened at a 90-degree soccer game at Yankee Stadium recently. This isn’t just marketing hype. The technology has advanced, which is good news for your body odor… and everyone else around you.