Remember sitting poolside back in the day, kicking it with grandpa who was sipping on a beer? You felt kind of cool because you had a root beer in hand.

Well, Best Damn Root Beer, which just recently hit national shelves, is a full-flavored hard root beer aged on real vanilla beans that’ll take you right back to that summer day. We got a taste of the thirst-quenching nostalgia last week in a few cocktails thanks in no small part to Brooklyn’s Extra Fancy owner Robert Krueger, also a veteran of Employees Only, and it was certainly the best damn thing we’ve had in a while. So, we indulged a bit deeper with the ultimate throw-back: the root beer float.

Best Damn Root Beer is now available at bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as grocery and liquor stores across the U.S. in six-packs of bottles, 16-oz. cans and on draught. We suggest you pick up a few and make one of these floats for yourself: ice cream and spiced rum, yum. You’re welcome in advance.