When the 3 day, 50 mile, stagecoach ride got a boring there was always the 1897 Skymall catalog in the back of the seat to help pass the time. Here are some “must have” gadgets of 1897. The only downside was the 3 to 4 month delivery time

A hundred years later and I’m still looking for something to get rid of my wife’s “female complaints” Who knew all I needed was Dr. Owens belt

I hear the RIAA prosecuted someone for duplicating a metal roll of “John Jacob Jingle Heimer Smith”

Not only did they sell asbestos but ironically they also sold caskets.

Nothing says technology like Mark’s rubber leg substitutor

4 cents a piece? This is the classic case of wait on a technology and it will get cheaper. They’re only like 2 cents a piece now
But wait there’s more. You order this 2 tons washing device and we’ll throw in a Dictionary and some beautiful pictures. Of course it is “acknowledged by all as the best in use” so I would order it without those beautiful parting gifts

“The Greatest Invention of Our Age”? That lightbulb thing is just going to be a passing fancy

This was the “Maxim” magazine for chicken lovers