There’s a big overlap between people who love beer and people who love dogs. In my experience, beer people are generally dog people and vice versa. Unfortunately, accidental spills have taught me that even the smallest amount of beer makes my dog sneeze and larger amounts make him, well, sick as a dog.

Enter Beer Paws, healthy dog treats inspired by the ultimate human treat. An idea that began as bottle openers for dog collars has evolved into a product line featuring biscuits made from spent grains (leftover from the beer brewing process) as well as the company’s most popular product, Dog Beer. Dogs love it, and humans love giving it to their dogs. The non-alcoholic, good-for-pups brew is made with organic beef broth, kosher malt extract and vegetarian K9 Glucosamine. In addition to making your dog a better drinking buddy, Beer Paws donates at least 10 percent of all company profits to animal welfare organizations.

Beer Paws is currently in need of a kitchen expansion, so if you love this idea as much as my dog does, consider donating to the cause. Your dog will thank you when Beer Paws thanks you with a bag of treats.