So… I really did not know what to expect when I attended a recent event featuring Studebaker Whisky Cocktails. I usually drink my bourbon straight, so Old-Fashioneds and Manhattans were pretty much foreign concepts to me. But at it turned out, I was highly impressed with Studebaker’s new bottled cocktails, which taste great, are easy to serve, and will make you look like an amazing host or guest.

The story goes that during Prohibition, Canadian whisky was sought after and smuggled into the U.S., where bartenders at speakeasies across the country transformed it into Old-Fashioneds and Manhattans. Now that those two classic cocktails are back en vogue, Studebaker has replicated them in 750 ml bottles, all ready for you to pour and serve.

This means that as a host, you can take your parties up a notch by offering your guests something other than beer or wine—without having to man the bar all night. Want to be the coolest guest at the next festive gathering you attend? Show up with a bottled cocktail and instantly liven up the party. All you have to do is add the garnishes—orange slices and cocktail cherries. Not bad for 25 bucks, eh?