The world let out a collective gasp yesterday when Nike announced that the Nike Mag—the futuristic, self-lacing sneakers famously worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future, Part II—has indeed been produced and is now available on eBay. Feel that tingling sensation in your spine? That’s your inner child and your inner eighties-fanboy scrambling to break free and get their hands on a pair of those shoes.

The Mags are pretty much exact replicas of the kicks worn by McFly in Back to the Future, Part II, with minor modifications to make them more comfortable. They’re adorned with rechargeable LED lights along the outer sole and an electroluminescent Nike logo on the upper strap. Unfortunately, they’re not actually self-lacing. Apparently you’ll have to wait until 2015 (the year when McFly donned the sneakers in the film) for that particular feature.

Actually procuring the Mags, however, will be more difficult than you might have hoped. Nike only produced 1,500 pairs, all of which are being auctioned off at starting today. The going prices are already hovering around anywhere from $4,000 to $9,000, and with the auctions set to last for 10 days, those numbers are only going to keep rising. To give you a better idea of what people are willing to pay for these sweet kicks, Nike auctioned off the first pair yesterday in a private bidding session for $37,000.

Here’s the cool thing, though (as if the shoes weren’t cool enough on their own): all proceeds from the auctions will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to support Parkinson’s disease research. So even though you might have to remortgage your house and/or sell your Honda Civic to get a pair of the Mags, you can rest easy knowing that you’re contributing to a much greater cause than just fulfilling your childhood dream. Fox, who of course portrayed McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy, will appear on Letterman tonight to further build crowd fervor around the sneakers.

Meantime, check out the video below to see how Nike has been marketing the Mag, and to help feed that tingling sensation just a little bit more.