I’m not a raincoat guy. I’m not really an umbrella guy either. I’m more of a stay-inside-until-it-stops-raining guy. And occasionally a screw-it-I’m-gonna-get-soaked-but-a-little-water-never-killed-anyone guy.

But recently I was gifted a rain jacket from Columbia. It’s their new one, the Columbia OutDry Ex Diamond Waterproof Breathable Shell, made out of titanium or something. I know this because on the front and back of the jacket, it says, “Titanium.” I don’t know what that’s all about. I thought titanium was what tennis racquets were made of. Not sure how that helps in a rain jacket.

All I know is this: I really, really like this rain jacket. It’s super lightweight, yet it still feels tough, like it’s not going to rip or anything. So it’s very comfortable. It also keeps me completely dry when it’s raining. In other words: It’s waterproof. And finally, because I’m vain, I like it because I think it looks cool. It fits great and goes with anything. It’s gotten to the point where I hope it’s raining out (or at least there’s a strong chance of rain) just so I can wear it. Matter of fact, maybe I’ll move to Seattle. Then I could wear it every day. Well, often.