Looking for a deliciously gory way to pass the time? Look no further from than the latest and greatest from Addicting Games, a little something called Slaughterhouse Escape!

This exciting, Frogger-like online game allows you to take the form of an adorable, Babe-like piglet. There’s only one problem: You’re trapped in a slaughterhouse, and all manner of spikes, grinders, forks, saws and blood pools are teaming up to turn your pink little ass into shredded bacon!

Trying to navigate the ins and outs of this house of horrors is fun enough, but there’s more! You see, the developers reached out to Made Man months ago to ask if we’d like to be incorporated into the game…

MM Decal Unlocked in Shop

“Umm, hell yeah!” we replied. And now, for a mere 80 golden apples you can actually play as the Made Man Pig, a dapper gent rocking the pompadour, moustache, jacket and tie you see in the above graphic. You can also add a Made Man Decal to your piggy little form by watching the credits and then clicking on the Made Man logo to visit our site.

So check out Slaughterhouse Escape (which just launched free iOS and Android versions at that link) today! It’s the perfect thing to play whilst gnawing on a BLT, don’t you think?