Like a lot of guys, I stopped wearing a watch a few years ago, because my phone can basically perform the same function. A watch is extraneous, so not wearing one gives me one less thing to worry about. No more watch means no more making sure it’s the correct time, making sure it has a healthy battery, making sure I don’t get it too wet when I wash my hands, and making sure I know a good watch-fixing place when its strap inevitably breaks.

Then a couple of months ago I received a watch—a real beauty from a California company called Tsovet. (Their SVT-DE40 is pictured above.) Now I’m realizing that supplying me with the correct time is only part of a watch’s function. A good watch makes a man look better. (Ask any woman; they notice what a guy has on his wrist.) It makes him feel better. Handsomer. Cooler. Sexier even. As much as I hate putting “man” in front of anything, the truth is a watch is “man jewelry.” It’s jewelry disguised as a utilitarian thing. As Don Draper put it on Mad Men (using Freddy Rumsen as his proxy), a watch isn’t a timepiece, it’s a conversation piece. So if you haven’t worn a watch in a while, my suggestion is give it another try. You’ll remember why you rocked one in the first place.

Plus, when you’re walking down the street, it’s a lot easier to glance at your wrist than it is to reach into your jeans and pull out your phone just to make sure that you are, in fact, five minutes late for that appointment.