If you are anything like me, you are not a fan of jackets. Sure they may look cool, but they can be bulky, restrict your range of motion when driving or riding a bike and always seem to slide off the back of your chair at a restaurant.

However, the temps are dropping and you need a little coverage when traveling to work or walking around town. So what do you reach for? In most cases it’s either that troublesome jacket or a hoodie.

Let’s be serious though: While hoodies may be trendy and cool, they don’t exactly scream sartorial elegance and won’t always keep you warm. Until now. Because Yesler Apparel’s Technical Hoodie ($149, available for pre-order on Kickstarter now with an expected November delivery) is the perfect blend of fashion and function.

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You see, it’s so much more than your average baggy hooded sweatshirt that does nothing to repel the elements. It also blows away your bulky winter jacket that has no business being worn during the fall months, when the weather can change from cold in the morning to warm in the afternoon.

Because Yesler has merged Polartec’s Powershield Pro fabric into this jacket, it’s more than ready for inclement weather. The ultra-breathable soft shell is still waterproof to the point where rain just beads up and slides off, and it’ll keep you toasty when it’s windy.

There’s also a pocket to store your all-important phone, two bigger ones for your hands and a high collar to keep your neck warm when it’s a little chillier. Considering this thing looks damn good too, it’s really the only “jacket” you’ll need this fall.