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Men need to relieve their stress and sports are a great way to do that. But what are the best stress relieving sports? You need to work up a good sweat and burn off that energy and stress, but sometimes it also helps to have other guys around to lend a sympathetic ear. A good stress relieving sport should give you focus and clarity, while also working you into better physical health. Any physical activity is likely to help you out, but for maximum effectiveness, try out these three stress relieving sports.

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Mixed martial arts. MMA, as it has come to be known, is more popular than ever. The world’s top fighting organizations put on events seemingly every other week, so it seems like MMA is here to stay. To that end, MMA classes and dojos are popping up all over the country, making it possible for even average guys like you to learn what it takes to be a professional fighter. Even if you’re not looking to be a pro, the incredible fitness regiments that are involved with MMA will have you shredded in no time. On top of that, there’s no better stress reliever than testing yourself against another fighter in a contest of strength and skill. No other sport offers what MMA does, and that makes it a perfect stress relieving sport. It’ll give you tremendous discipline and focus, and may even make you a better person.

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Basketball. Team sports are tremendous for relieving stress. Football would be a great choice as well, except that playing full-contact football without pads is going to lead to some concussion problems, if not something worse. Instead of playing two-hand touch, try basketball. No equipment is necessary, just a court and a ball, and a couple guys. Even playing three-on-three with a half court will have you running around like crazy, burning calories and relieving the stress and tension of your life. When the score starts getting tight and every basket counts, the way you and your teammates rise to the occasion and sink that winning jumper will have you feeling better than you could have ever imagined. When it comes to relieving stress, basketball is tops.

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Distance running. Sometimes, it helps to be alone with your thoughts when you want you reduce stress. Nothing is better than serious long-distance running if you need some alone time. You can run at literally any time of day, and do so virtually anywhere. The rhythmic pounding of your feet on the pavement, the patient way you control your breathing, and the determination to go just one more mile will combine to push all of the stress out of your life, leaving you only with a clear-headed goal of running as far as you can. For even better results, try running through the woods. The scenery will add to the stress relief you get.

You could do almost any activity to relieve stress, but these are the three best stress relieving sports. All of them, if done on a regular basis, will have you whipped into shape, and leave your mind so clear and sharp that stress won’t be able to permeate your life anymore. You’ll be a finely-tuned athletic machine, and you’re life will have improved by leaps and bounds. Try them and see!