I never wore body armor when I was younger. I am thinking that it just wasn’t a thing back then, or maybe it just wasn’t cool to don bulky protective gear. Kind of like wearing helmets while skiing, snowboarding and biking wasn’t cool until people realized that neither is serious brain injury.

Nonetheless, body armor is definitely a big deal now, no matter what sport you play. Team sports athletes are wearing it more regularly to protect themselves against the bodily harm that can result from running into opponents built like Mack trucks. And action sports stars wear more and more of it as they push the boundaries toward bigger air and gnarlier tricks.

Some seem to go overboard, to the point of resembling Ninja Turtles. Because let’s face it, body armor can be bulky and uncomfortable. That is unless it’s G-Form.


G-Form is a performance protection company founded by athletes who dreamed of preventing injury while maintaining comfort and performance. Using their “Reactive Protection Technology,” they were able to create shirts, shorts, pants, knee pads, elbow pads and shin guards with softer, thinner pads that offer full coverage while conforming to the body—and tighten upon impact up to absorb pressure and disperse it. This ensures that your body receives as little of the pain as possible.

Aside from the safety component, G-Form ($35 to $150 depending on item) is by far the most comfortable protective gear I have ever tried. The pads move with your body and since they are attached to G-Form’s Lycra material, the compression sleeve-like fit is amazing. Wearing it for skiing and soccer, I quickly forgot it was on—until I took a tumble and came up with only bruised pride.

Bottom line: If you are looking for body armor that protects without sacrificing performance, give G-Form a shot.