A little brand out of New England might just have the boldest ski and snowboard clothing accessory line in the country. With bright-colored, quirky patterns, Skida dives headfirst into a world often populated by solid, boring tones. However, that eccentric style is only the tip of the iceberg. Skida hats and accessories are multifunctional and can be used during a variety of fall and winter sports. The people behind Skida are also passionate about bringing people together and connecting them with their local communities, and best of all, they donate hats to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Based out of northern Vermont, Skida was started in 2007 by local skier Corinne Prevot. In a similar-to-Under-Armour kind of story, Prevot started making colorful hats with bold patterns for herself and her teammates and friends at the Burke Mountain Academy. From there, her products’ popularity simply grew. In order to keep up with demand, she connected with local seamstresses who, to this day, work from home to create the creatively patterned gear.

On chilly mountain days, I’ve been wear-testing The Brown Mast ($24), a great lightweight neckwarmer that’s also long enough to pull up and cover your face on colder days. Beyond its initial practicality, the moisture-wicking material is much more comfortable on the inside than traditional fleece guards. It also doesn’t get caked in a disgusting mess of ice and sweat, a major plus.

skida neckwarmer

The best part of this whole operation is the Skida +1 program, which connects with corresponding cancer centers by providing one hat to patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment for every hat purchased online using the Skida+1 promotional code. This is just one other way that Skida is achieving their mission to “bring people together, encourage play, generate smiles, and make a better place.”

You can purchase Skida items online at shopskida.com or find them at ski shops nationwide. Check ’em out!