A decade ago Adidas introduced their groundbreaking Tour 360, which changed the game and became one of golf’s most iconic shoes. Before then, most golf shoes looked like something you’d wear to church, not the course. Maybe these older models performed well, but they sure didn’t look good doing it. The original Tour 360, however, beautifully combined function and form.

Since then, The Tour 360 series—named for its innovative 360-degree midfoot wrap support system—has sold millions of pairs worldwide and contributed to 38 victories on tour. Continuing this winning tradition, and commemorating the 10-year anniversary of this legendary shoe, Adidas has launched its new Tour 360 Boost ($200).

To break even more new ground, the company’s designers studied and learned from athlete testing and feedback on previous models. They also toyed with new materials and construction. And having tried these shoes out, I am happy to say that Adidas hit it straight and long with this new edition, which reaches a whole new level of style and performance.

The new Tour 360 Boost is lighter, comfier and more stable than its predecessors. Full-length Boost cushioning and new lining materials reduce friction, moisture and heat. And a more flexible 360-degree wrap combined with a full-length outsole featuring new Torsion Tunnel Technology provides added traction and control between the heel and forefoot.

The Tour 360 Boost also has an ultra stable 10-cleat outsole and a new heel shape, inspired by Adidas’ training shoe line, that improves fit by adapting to the foot’s natural contours. Oh and its sister model, the Tour 360 Boa Boost ($230), adds a twist-to-tighten closure system for even greater fit and stability.

With the 2016 Masters days away, it seems like a good time to say that this shoe isn’t just for show: Adidas has taken the original concept of function plus form and added 10 years of excellence and experience to create a golf shoe that looks, feels and performs like the seasoned veteran it is.