To get the most out of your hard work at the gym, incorporate one of the four best after workout drinks into your routine. Because liquid is processed by the body quicker than food, you can start reaping the benefits before you have even dried the sweat from your brow. Hydrating your body is also crucial, especially if you did not consume enough liquids during the workout itself. However, don’t forget that different drinks work best for different guys.


Water. Sometimes the best answer to a problem is also the easiest answer. Many experts will argue than anything besides water after a workout is just over thinking the issue, since water hydrates the body without any added sugars or chemicals. Water is also the cheapest and moss accessible drink.

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Sports drinks. If you are okay consuming the added sugar in sports drinks, you can also benefit from the added electrolytes and vitamins. If you like the taste, they can also act as an after workout reward, too. However, don’t confuse sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade with energy drinks that contain excessive caffeine.


Protein shakes. If you just got done hitting the weights, a quick dose of protein with help your muscles rebuild themselves after a strenuous workout. Unfortunately, protein shakes are often designed to add calories to your diet. To combat that, try out rice or hemp protein, which will help you stay trim.


Coconut water. This drink, which should not be confused with coconut milk, has seen a spike in popularity, partially due to its use in helping to deter hangovers. Those same properties that eliminate hangovers will also help you after a difficult workout. Coconut water, which is sometimes combined with other juices, is essentially a natural version of a sports drink.