Who doesn’t love a backyard BBQ? The smell of of burgers and hot dogs grilling, playing ridiculous games, or just chilling with your best buddies doing nothing but chowing down and drinking beer. But what kind of beer should you have at a backyard BBQ? While the following beers will get your BBQ to a good place, we’re not responsible if someone drinks too much of these delicious brews, begins to take off their clothes and shows your guests where their new tattoo is located. Well, unless she’s especially beautiful, in that case we take full responsibility.

Narragansett Lager

Narragansett Lager.jpg

This new England favorite has been a standard at many BBQs and clam bakes throughout that region for decades. In fact, it’s known as the Official Beer of the Clam. Official Beer of the Scrod doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Recently, the brand has been revived for a new generation to enjoy the honest flavor of this old brew. Narragansett Lager is a crisp tasting American styler lager (similar to Pabst Blue Ribbon), which pairs perfectly with any food that can be found at a BBQ. It has 5.1% alcohol by volume so you don’t have to worry about having more than one.

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Brooklyn Summer Ale.jpg

If your backyard BBQ is happening in the summer months (as most do) you’ll be able to purchase a plethora of great tasting summertime beers. Brooklyn Summer Ale is one of those brews. It is light with minimal malt, and it pairs perfectly with spicy BBQ dishes. Brooklyn Summer Ale is also sessionable with only 5% alcohol by volume. Sure, you might be called a yuppie d-bag by your Bud Light friends, but at least you know what tastes good.



We’ve all been to parties and have seen a bucket of Coronas (or worse, Corona Light). Tecate is a great alternative to Corona, because it is more flavorful and in some areas cheaper than Corona. Plus, it’s not the drink of choice of underage sorority girls. Like most Mexican beers, Tecate is an excellent beer to chug after food with a spicy kick and it is low on the alcohol (4.5% alcohol by volume). And if you must, you can toss a lime in a Tecate.

Sam Adams Light

sam adams light.jpg

If you have guests at your BBQ that are watching their waistlines or their alcohol consumption, Sam Adams Light is the perfect light beer. It actually tastes like beer (not beer flavored water like most light beers). You can taste the hops, malts and everything else you would be able to taste in a more full bodied lager, but it is lower in alcohol (4% alcohol by volume) and lower in calories. Plus to most non-beer geeks, Sam Adams represents a higher quality product which transforms your dinky BBQ to a higher level of sophistication.