Drinking can be fun, but it comes with a price. After a hard night out, if you plan to get up and moving, you’re going to need one of the four best breakfasts to cure a hangover. Unfortunately, this will be your last chance to feel better, since stopping a hangover is best done during the night when you’re drinking. Mainly, the goal is to stay hydrated between drinking, with large amounts of water, sports drinks, or coconut water to offset the alcohol. Once your hangover creeps into the morning, however, you’ll need the right breakfast if you want to have any chance of feeling good.


Toast and Ginger Tea. This breakfast is an example of why you shouldn’t over-think the hangover breakfast. The goal of the toast is to have something that you can get down without it coming back up, while the ginger tea will settle your stomach. Avoid the butter, sugar, and cream if possible. Dry toast may not be a glamorous breakfast, but it’s all about functionality here, right? Sacrifice the flavor in exchange for not feeling like a truck ran you over the night before.


Banana Smoothie and Water. If you consumed a lot of unhealthy food the night before while drinking, this is the breakfast for you, since it will pass right through you without making you feel sluggish. The water will rehydrate you and diminish your headache, while the potassium from the banana in the smoothie will offset the depletion of potassium from the night before. Bananas in general make good breakfasts, so even if you aren’t hungover, this may not be a bad option every morning.


Vegetable Omelet and Coffee. For those with an aching headache, the combination of protein, vitamins, and caffeine in this meal will cure your hangover and give you the kick start your need. Caffeine can be especially important in curing a headache when you don’t want to add medicine to an already beat up digestive system. It’s a little more substantial than some of the other options on this list, so make sure your body can handle it before you go diving in. After all, the bigger the meal, the worse off you’ll be if it decides to come back up the way it went in.


The Special at Your Nearest Diner. Sometimes the best cure for a hangover is to enjoy yourself and get on with your day. While bacon and sausage might not serve you with added nutrients (unless you count “delicious” as a nutrient), but hey, when you’re feeling bad, you need something to make you glad. Just be prepared for the terrible aftermath you may have to endure courtesy of a heavy breakfast. But if you’re up to the challenge, go crazy with a big breakfast, at least you can get the taste of stale alcohol and vomit out of your mouth!