Just got a new iPhone? You know it’s more than just a phone, and we don’t have to tell you that – that’s why you bought it in the first place! Much is made of the Apple ecosystem and the breadth and number of apps that are available for iPhone users, but that’s only one part of the story. The iPhone isn’t a cheap investment and we understand that. With the right gadgets and accessories, you can actually utilize the iPhone for many other purposes, cutting back on expenses for other electronics while also maximizing the life of your new favorite toy.

1.    “iPhone SLR Mount”


It might seem a hassle to carry around a big lens on your iPhone but think about it – you’re also going to do the same with your DSLR! The iPhone SLR mount will enable you to take DSLR quality pictures with your phone and share them instantly via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. You won’t ever have to carry a huge bag with you; heck you wouldn’t even have to waste money on a separate camera! Now that’s what we call big savings.

2.    “Juice Tank”


The iPhone’s a smartphone, and that means it uses up the battery fast. Even though it may be the best among the lot in terms of battery life, you could always have the I-need-my-charger-right-now moment and not have a charger on you. That’s understandable—now that we have so many gadgets, it’s always a possibility to forget a small accessory for each of them. JuiceTank simply makes sure that will never be a possibility. It’s a shell case but with a twist – it sports foldable prongs so the next time you ever have that moment again, you just insert your JuiceTank device in the switch. Literally!

3.     “Hard Graft Phone Card Wallet”


As Apple says on its website, the iPhone was made to be carried everywhere and you probably do carry it wherever you go. For male users, however, it might be a problem to carry a smartphone, a wallet and other goodies in their pockets together – or even in their hands. It seems like a minor problem, but practically it’s an issue. With Hard Graft Phone Card Wallet, all you boys wouldn’t have to worry a day more since it can carry 7 cards, your cash and wait for it— your iPhone! It has a strong elastic tape which holds the iPhone at its very edges; plus its slim and stylish too!

4.    “Liquipel


You can cover your iPhone with as many cases and as many sleeves as you want, but none would do you any good if it gets really wet. Chances are you could drop your phone in the toilet seat or spill water on it. Remember when we talked about iPhone as an investment? The folks Liquipel have got you covered with their new waterproof clear coating that they say will say protect all of your device. It’s not that expensive, and you could shower and text at the same time. Win-win!