Beer gardens are popular just about everywhere, but they seem especially enjoyable in New York City since there's a sense of friendship and wide open space that is rarely found in the Big Apple. There are a surprising number of them that you should visit, especially during October when Oktoberfest is in full swing. Four of the best beer gardens in New York are listed below.


Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden Known as the best beer garden in all of New York for over more then a century, Bohemian Hall is the best place to gather with large groups of friends and take in the drinking experience. Watch a game or have a team party as pitchers here are around fifteen dollars, guaranteeing everyone will buy one. There's even a half-decent Czech food menu.


Der Schwarze Kolner Der Schwarze Kolner has that minimalist decor and the open, drunken atmosphere of the best beer halls in the world. If you want a simple beer hall that allows you to focus on your drink and company, check out this establishment. It's also relatively unknown because it's in Brooklyn, so it won't be crowded except on very special occasions. You'll be close to people but not shoulder-to-shoulder with them, sweating and spilling beer on each other. Beers range in price from about $3 to $12 each.


Loreley A chic version of a beer hall in the Lower East Side, Loreley offers both style and substance. They have a German-inspired menu and outrageously large mugs of beer that can be pricey but worth it if you are in for the full experience. It's also laid-back most days and nights, so if you want a relaxed beer hall in Manhattan, this your spot.


Radegast Hall & Biergarten Located in Brooklyn, this beer garden doesn't cut any corners when trying to replicate the original beer halls in Munich, Germany. There is classic German architecture, vaulted ceilings, a seemingly endless selection of beer and massive, delicious pretzels. In fact, the food is just as addicting as the beer and you might find yourself so full you can't physically move.