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Knowing the 4 best places to drink that aren’t bars is crucial to every dude who wants to keep his main squeeze entertained, and inebriated. No matter how much of a party animal your girl is, eventually there’s going to come a time when she wants to do something outside of the bars and clubs. Here are a few of our favorite places to drink where you can impress your chick, and still get her drunk.

Billiard Rooms – Got a lady who likes to play? There’s something sexy about a dark smokey pool room where you can get your “Paul Newman” and your drink on. Even if your girl isn’t much of a pool shark, after a couple of shots you can have her bent over the pool table while you teach her to make that money shot.


Concert Chick.jpg

Concerts – If you don’t mind spending $8 to $12 on a 12 ounce domestic beer, concerts are great places to drink and have a good time. Drinks may be a little pricey, but the thrill of being up close and personal with bad ass rock stars makes the overall drinking experience far more exciting than pumping money into a juke box in some dive. And yes, chicks dig concerts. Especially drunk chicks.



Weddings – Weddings are one of the absolute best places of all times to drink outside of the bar! Whether you’re celebrating the union of well-to-do lovebirds who provide a full open bar, or with more conservative newlyweds serving just beer, wine, and champagne, the booze is usually plentiful and always free! The bonus is, weddings are crawling with dressed up drunk broads and “love” is in the air.


Backyard Drinking

Your Backyard – There are a few reasons why your backyard is one of the best places to drink. For one, you save a fortune in mark ups by buying at your local liquor store or supermarket. Secondly, you can get as totally hammered as you like and not have to worry about minor details like DUIs, losing your car, or being thrown out of the bar by security. And most importantly, if you get that tipsy hottie to agree to go home with you, you can get her into the bedroom before she changes her mind!