The summer sun sits high in the sky and scorches the desert. Walking down the strip becomes a chore, and you get brain freeze from slurping down your alcoholic slush out of a container that looks like the Eiffel Tower. The casino doors burst open, and that air conditioned breeze hits you. You say to yourself, “I’m not going back out there.” Fact is, you should embrace the heat. The hotter it gets, the less clothes women want to wear. Mix that with a copious amount of alcohol, and you have a pool party. Embrace the great outdoors of the Las Vegas strip and hit these four pools to beat the summer heat.


Bare Pool Lounge

Bare pool lounge is empathetic. They understand that it’s hot. To let women cool down, they allow them to take off their tops. Tucked back in the jungle of the Mirage pool complex behind the entrance to the zoo is the lounge. This small lounge features a see-through raised pool, scantily clad women and plenty of visibility.


Encore Beach Club

Nestled in between the Wynn Casino and the Encore Hotel is the Encore Beach Club. The club offers a relaxed atmosphere and is arguably the most high-end pool in Vegas. Reserve a bed in the pool and have some of Las Vegas‘ most beautiful cocktail waitresses bottle-serve. Hang out long enough and watch them turn the entire place into one of Vegas’ hottest nightclubs: Surrender.

hard rock.jpg

Hard Rock Hotel’s Rehab Pool Party

If you are looking for an all-out party, then head over to the sweatiest, loudest, most raucous meat market in Las Vegas: Rehab in the Hard Rock Hotel. Buckets of Bud Light and special musical guests keep this place rocking every Sunday during the summer season. The club and party-goers make their intentions known: they want to rock you hard.

golden nugget.jpg

Golden Nugget Pool

Old Vegas might not tickle your fancy. It may conjure up images of fried Snickers bars and cans of Mickey’s Malt Liquor, but the Golden Nugget Pool is definitely worth a visit. It’s not for the party, the women or the booze; it’s for sharks. Yeah, sharks, and you get to swim with them. The pool has a giant tank teeming with sharks and a waterslide going right through it. Suck down a frozen margarita the size of a football and go swim with the fishes.