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Every man needs a good watch. The right timepiece is the perfect accent to any outfit, but unfortunately it seems like any watch worth winding is going to set you back a few hundred bucks, at least. But that’s not always the case. If you’re willing to do some digging (and maybe some overseas ordering!), you can get your hands on a nice watch for the right price. Whether you’re looking for a reliable sports watch or a fashion statement, this list of the four best watches you can get for under $50 has you covered!

Pulsa Watch.jpg

Pulsar Men‘s PXH173 Sports Watch. This watch is the perfect blend of sports function and fashion. With a quartz face and a sturdy steel band, the Pulsar Sports Watch can pull double duty for you. If you want to jog with it, it has the right features. And if you want to step out to a nice lunch, it has the looks to make you seem sharp. It’s also water resistant up to 330 feet, and the classic round face never goes out of style.

Croton Watch.jpg

Croton Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. For the man who has champagne taste on a beer budget, we present the Croton Men’s Steel Bracelet Watch. The squared black face with light accents calls attention to the watch, but it’s not so large as to be garish and gaudy. Perfectly sized for a stylish night out, this watch also features some water resistance, and its face is scratch-resistant as well. Can be bought for as low as $30!

Casio Watch.jpg

Casio Men’s Sports Chronograph Alarm 10-Year Battery Watch.  This sports watch is for the man who likes his stuff built to last. Available from $19, this watch is made to last a decade on its first battery. That averages out to about $2 a year, which is a pretty unbelievable value when you think about it. Apart from the cost, this watch also has a stop watch feature that has time broken down in 1/1000 of a second intervals, plus a calendar and water resistance up to 165 feet. For the money, you can’t go wrong.

Timex Watch.jpg

Timex Men’s Ironman 100-Lap Watch. This is the watch for the ardent sportsman. A 100-Lap watch for $45? That’s a rare find. With a seemingly endless clock and durable design, the Timex Ironman Watch can withstand even the fiercest marathon journeys. It has more alarms than you would ever need, water resistance up to 330 feet, and it has different interval time settings available as well. For any feature you might need, this watch has you covered. If you’re a runner, you need this watch!