Unless you’re partying with college girls on spring break, there’s going to come a time when your female companions are not impressed by your ability to find the most beer for your buck. Sophisticated ladies prefer sophisticated. During the spring and summer months wine cocktails are the way to go. especially if you want to get your drink on with chicks who don’t throw up at the end of your date.


Sangria This summer wine cocktail is more than a drink—it’s an event! Sangria parties are all the rage amongst urban hipsters and the metropolitan yuppie crowds. Who doesn’t love Ginsuing up a bunch of fresh fruit on a hot summer night and throwing it into a punch bowl, bucket or barrel of red wine? The only thing better is when you toss in brandy to give it a kick! A little ginger ale for good measure and it’s fiesta time, amigo! You’ll be a real Rico Suave serving this Latin libation!

White Wine Punch.jpg

Summer Wine Punch If red wine is too much for you, try the white wine alternative to it’s trendy Sangria sister! Summer white wine punch is a lighter, crispier version of sangria that packs just about the same punch. No pun intended. Toss a bunch of fresh seasonal fruit like, orange slices, strawberries, pineapple chunks, peaches or melons in with a light white Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Moscato or Chablis and some Cointreau and the party’s on! Substitute white wine with champagne to increase playa points!

Bellini YES.jpg

Bellini This light, fruity summer wine cocktail is the perfect idea for dudes who want to impress a lady. Combine sparkling white wine or Champagne with peach or pear nectar in a champagne flute and toss in a maraschino cherry. Present this simple Italian masterpiece paired with a nice Caprese salad, maybe some bruschetta (from your local Italian deli, of course) and you’ll look like a culinary genius and wine connoisseur without coming off as pretentious. Mama Mia, that’s a good!

Wine Spritzer.jpg

Wine Spritzers This is the greatest thing for lazy guys who want to impress a chick with minimal effort and expense. Any mixology handicapped fellow can prepare a decent wine spritzer in two steps with just about any type of wine and all it takes is a trip to the dollar store to aid in the presentation. Grab a couple of stemmed glasses, hurricane tumblers or any tall glass that’s not a beer mug. Hell, even a beer mug will do! Mix equal parts of any kind of wine and any clear carbonated beverage. No matter what you come up with, it’s classier than tossing her a can of malt liquor across the room. Extra points for ice and any available fruit garnish.