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Bar hopping can be a costly activity, especially for heavy drinkers. The good news for cheap drunks is, adjusting your drinking habits can save you a ton of cash. Or afford you twice as much booze. Instead of throwing back top-shelf spirits or imported signature beers, try one of the 4 cheapest drinks at every bar to have big-time fun on a small-time budget.

Draft beer – Draft beer is a great choice for a broke-ass alcoholic. It usually costs less than half the price of bottled beer or mixed drinks and you can buy it by the pitcher. You can save money drinking draft beer in a lot of ways. For one, if you buy a pitcher you can share it with your friends and get out of buying rounds of drinks. And when you order less rounds, you can tip the bartender less. And when you tip the bartender less, you can buy more beer.

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Well drinks – Ah, the well! Where every poor sap can find a variety of generic boozes to drink himself to oblivion on the cheap. Well drinks are super cheap and only the first two or three taste like rubbing alcohol. All the staple liquors like gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila, schnapps, vermouth and bourbon are in the well. Mix and match, try them all!

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House shots – Dingy dive bars always serve watermelon, kamikaze or jello shots and they’re usually only a couple of bucks. In trendy, douche-bag nightclubs you can usually find premium shot specials sponsored by liquor companies. In either type of place you can do shots until you puke and still go home with a few bucks in your pocket. Winning!

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Daily drink specials – A surprise every time! If you adapt well to all different types of alcohol, you’ll save a ton on bar tabs and still party like a rock star taking advantage of drink specials. Ask your bartender what’s on special and stick to that all night. Then you save face by seeming interested in your bar’s promotions and specialties, instead of just looking cheap.

No matter what type of bar you like, taverns, night clubs, sports bars, if you know where to look and enjoy a variety of drinks you can raise your glass to savings. Just make sure to drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive. You want to live to spend that money!