man cleaning kitchen

Yeah, you think you’re apartment is clean. You’ve piled all of your dirty clothes in your closet. You’ve dumped bathroom cleaner in your toilets, sink and tub. Hell, you’ve even managed to pile dirty dishes into your dishwasher. But just because you’ve done your chores, to the best of your ability, doesn’t mean that it’ll pass the girlfriend inspection. It’s a little known fact that women have radar when it comes to any and everything having to do with cleaning. Here are the four dirty areas of your apartment you don’t notice, but she will.

Your carpet. Yeah, that sandy feeling on the bottom of your feet isn’t supposed to be there. You probably didn’t steam clean the carpet when you moved in. Your mistake. Now you’ve been tracking dirt and mud and other foreign particles into your home for months. The occasional vacuum service you give the carpet isn’t enough. Even if you’ve managed to cover juice stains, coffee stains and other unsightly messes with strategically placed furniture, her female radar is going to lead her to the mess that is your carpet. Your best bet is to rent a steam cleaner, and actually clean the carpet.

The toilet. The off-yellow crud on the back of your toilet isn’t supposed to be there. The faded orange and brown ring in your toilet isn’t a masterful design. One of the biggest turn offs is a dirty toilet. Scrubbing the bowl isn’t enough. You need to get in there and clean the seat, topside and bottom. You need to clean the back of the toilet and the outer bowl down to the floor. And for Pete’s sake, don’t leave any rings anywhere on the toilet.

man washing dishes

Sinks and stove. Great job buddy. You’ve put away all the food. You’ve managed to wash the dishes to the best of your ability. Your domesticated duties are done, right? Wrong. Leaving bits of food in the sink and stains on the stove won’t win you a house cleaning award. Under the scrutinizing eye of your lady friend, your semi-cleaned sink and stove tops will not pass an inspection. You’d better make sure you get those stains and dried food off the stove. Then wipe it down with stove cleaner. Wash out the sink and wipe it down as well. You want them both to be nice and shiny, and most importantly, clean.

The tub. The entire tub. The tiles, the faucet and the shower fixtures need to be cleaned thoroughly. That green growth on the tiles isn’t supposed to be there either. Dried dirt in the bottom of the tub, the smudges, all of that need to be scrubbed out of there. Make sure that the shower fixture has been cleaned of all the limestone as well. You want the shower streams to flow fully, strongly and straight. Clean that tub with a microscope. She’s not going to be comfortable showering in a dirty tub. If she’s not comfortable, you won’t be comfortable. Get it?