Tumblr puts it all out there. It’s not censored like Facebook, and you can post some pretty risque content to your tumblelog. It is a treasure trove of fresh content that people pick up in the ethers of the interwebs and share with each other. It also gives you direct and uncensored access to some pretty hot girls. After reading about the four hottest girls on Tumblr, you might just be swayed to join this ever-growing social network. Who knows how many of them blog in the nude?

Dianna Argon, Blog.jpg

Dianna Agron

This Georgia peach plays Quinn Fabray on the popular Fox series “Glee”. Don’t worry, she was born in 1986, so she is of age. This singer and actress is all grown up, full figured and active in the tumble sphere.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry has never been shy about her body. Her videos basically show her naked with some very carefully placed blurs here and there. Remember, Tumblr does not have such a strict content overlord like Mark Zuckerberg. Katy here might be able to show you what she’s been blurring out of those videos.


Shannon Woodward

You’ve probably seen this sitcom hottie on your television at some point. She has been cast in shows such as “Psych”, “Boston Public” and “Raising Hope”. Those shows don’t necessarily take advantage of her hotness, but you can get personal with her on Tumblr.


Victoria Asher

She plays the keytar-that right there makes her hot. This smoking member of Cobra Starship has made a few hot 100 lists around the country. You can learn more about her on her Tumblr blog.