When someone tells you that they love you, it’s one of the greatest moments in that person’s life. It doesn’t matter if you stay together for 60 years after those three precious words have been uttered, or whether you end up alone just hours later, the adrenaline rush that the individual felt the moments before they told you how they feel about you, was simply magic for them.

Of course, as soon as those words have been floated into the atmosphere between you and your loved one, your response has to be managed carefully. Especially, if you don’t feel the same way. Simply stating that you love them back could lock you in a relationship that you don’t want to be in, whereas flippantly forgetting that you’ve just heard those words will also lead you on a path to disaster. To help you out, here are the four worst ways you can respond when she says “I love you.”


“I’m seeing someone else.” Of course, there is no easy way to tell her that you are cheating on her, and after hearing her declare her love for you, you might feel that this is the perfect time to end it all. But in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t. Because you will both remember this moment for the rest of your lives, and there is no way on earth that she won’t decide to cry after hearing of your cheating ways. Probably best to just jump out of the window.


“What do you mean?” Playing dumb can only last for so long. You might think that you can break down the question in order find a loophole through which you can sneak a response, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to do so, especially in such a high pressured situation.


“Oh?” In just two letters you’ve made her feel instantly stupid. Impressive.


“Me too…as a friend.” In just a few short seconds you raise her up to feel loved, only to pull the rug from beneath her feet and ruin any chances of a physical relationship ever existing between the two of you. Nasty.