The Made Man is certainly one that is well read and stylish.  The obvious intersection of these two qualities is in the bookshelf.  Though it may be bohemiam cool to stack your books artfully in the corner of your loft next to your mattress-on-the-floor, it makes a much bolder and better statement to arrange them purposefully, as works of art, within a work of art.  So, get yourself one of these bookshelves (or, in some cases, make it yourself), and get your act together. 

The Umbra Flybrary


The Lili Lite 

The Slim 

Twist Together 

Lovely Rita 

Angle Shelf 

Kantik Big 

Sexy Shelf

Movement Bookcase

Fishbol Shelf Chair

The Incredible Bookman 


Extended Cab

LP Shelves 

Shelf and/or Desk

Joya Shelf


Gravity-Powered Shelf

Umbra Invisible Floating Bookshelf 

Sapien Shelf 

Salkim Hanging Shelves

Book Bookshelves

Rolling Shelf

Bookshelf Annotation

Shelf Shelf

Bliss Storyline Shelves



The Pan-Dan

The Platzhalter


The Infinity Case

Skateboard Shelf

Christmas Tree Shelf

Polar Bear Shelf

Triangle Shelf

Magneto Shelves

Vintage Shelf

The Brace Case

Prove Shelves

Opus Shelving