Just got your first android phone? Completely in the dark about android technology and gadgets? Well you’ve come to the right place. There are so many gadgets out there for android phones, its hard to find out which ones are actually cool and which ones aren’t worth the hype. There’s pretty much a gadget for everything and everybody. Here is our pick of the five best android gadgets out there. Hey, they could change your life.


Flexsmart SPYou know those times when you get in your car, turn on your android phone’s GPRS and prop it up against the windshield, only to have it slip and fall at every turn? Well, with the “Flexsmart SP“, you will never have this problem again. Stick it to the windshield, plug it into the cigarette lighter and pop in your phone. Now you it won’t ever fall. It also has a built in hands-free speaker, for when you get calls on the road, a backlight and a USB point to charge any device.


“Ten One Design Pogo Sketch” This pen for android tablets and smartphones is a real lifesaver for when it gets cold and you have on mittens or gloves. Instead having to take out your shivering hand to send a text, which takes forever when you’re trembling from the cold, use your “Ten One Design Pogo Sketch”. This aluminum, lightweight, integrated clip and low friction tip comes in all different colors so now you can write on your tablet in style!


“Logitech’s Tablet Keyboard” Even though the name says “tablet” keyboard, this Logitech keyboard is compatible with not only android tablets but smartphones too! With so many large android phones on the market today, it makes browsing the internet so much easier. But for many people, typing on an android phone is a nuisance. This is where the “Logitech Tabley Keyboard” comes in. Hook it up to your android smartphone and you can type thousands of words completely hassle-free. The best part? It’s wireless and sleek.


“Wilson Sleek Signal Booster” So now you have this really cool android cell phone with a bunch of great apps and cool gadgets. But when you go out into the countryside or travel in mountainous regions, you still don’t get signals, rendering your apps and GPRS useless. The solution? Get one of the coolest android phone gadgets out there, the “Wilson Sleek Signal Booster.” Slip it onto your phone, and watch the bars build up! And the best part is, you don’t need any wires!


“Jawbone Jambox Now you didn’t buy an android phone for it to just sit there with all its untapped potential. You bought an android phone for all its cool apps, software and gadgets. Well, you can’t have fun with your phone without a cool speaker system. The “Jawbone Jambox” is definitely one of the best wireless speakers on the planet! Just hook it up wirelessly to your android device (phone or tablet) and listen to a maximum of 85 decibels of amazing, high-quality sound.