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The cost of brand name rum can be as much as $20 or $50, but you can get a cheap bottle of rum for only eight bucks! If you like to drink rum but don’t want to pay premium prices, try one of these five cocktail recipes for cheap rum to get your party going on the cheap!

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Coladas &Daiquiris. If you don’t like to taste the booze flavor, Coladas and Daiquiris are the way to go because they’re smooth and creamy without the bite of cheap rum. Impress the ladies, get drunk, and save a fortune using cheap rum to make a variety of frozen Colada and Daiquiri flavors like lime, strawberry, pineapple or banana. The best part is, making them is completely idiot-proof! Here’s how:

  1. Fill your blender with ice.
  2. Add enough cheap rum to fill it ¼ of the way.
  3. Pour your mixer of choice over the rum until it reaches the top of the ice.
  4. Blend until it has the consistency of a Slurpee.

Hurricane. If you want to be creative and avoid a brain freeze, the tropical fruitiness of a Hurricane will mask the putrid taste of cheap rum and still give you a bang for your buck.

  1. Fill a metal cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Pour it about ½ way full of cheap rum.
  3. Add equal parts of passion fruit juice, mango juice and sweet and sour mix to fill the shaker.
  4. Shake it up Baby! Cover the shaker and shake it until a thin layer of frost forms on the outside.
  5. Pour it into a couple of glasses and squeeze a lime over the top. Can you taste the cheap rum? No. Feel the effects? Hell yes!

Mojito. Now the Mojito is not for everyone, but it does do a pretty good job of garnishing and diluting the foul taste and smell of cheap rum. You don’t need to spend the extra cash on name brand alcohol if you know how to make a good Mojito with cheap rum. Take that Bacardi! The bonus is, you can look like a real pro preparing this one, even if you don’t know jack about bartending.

  1. Toss 10 or 12 whole mint leaves into a thick-bottomed tall glass.
  2. Add 2 shots of cheap vodka, ½ shot of lime juice, one teaspoon of sugar and crushed ice.
  3. Use a muddler to grind up the mint leaves as the sugar dissolves in the lime juice.
  4. Fill the glass to the rim with soda water and garnish with a lime wedge.

Rum Runner. The next of our five best cocktails for cheap rum is the Rum Runner, which is intended for mature drinking audiences only. The trick to this drink is to disguise the cheap rum with additional alcohols. You won’t taste the cheap rum at all over the four shots of sweet 65-proof fruity goodness. On the other hand, a couple drinks later you won’t taste, see or feel anything. More booze, more fun!

  1. Fill your blender with crushed ice.
  2. Add 3 shots cheap rum, 2 shots blackberry liqueur, 2 shots banana liqueur and 1 shot grenadine.
  3. Blend it up until it’s all slushy and smooth.

Long Island Iced Tea. What better way to disguise cheap alcohol than with even more cheap alcohol? A Long Island Iced Tea has everything the frugal party animal needs to get economically wasted in one drink. It has cheap rum, cheap vodka, cheap gin, tequila, triple sec and not much else. It could be the combination of Coke and sweet and sour mix, or the fact that five 80-proof alcohols can act as a topical anesthetic to your taste buds, but you certainly won’t taste cheap rum in this cocktail. Two of these, and you won’t be feeling anything, either.

  1. Fill a tall glass with ice.
  2. Measure 1 shot each of cheap rum, vodka, gin, tequila and triple sec into the glass.
  3. Add 1 shot of sweet and sour mix and a splash of Coke.