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Dating can be a tricky proposition. A first date is essentially a job interview, only you might end up naked at the end of it. And on subsequent dates, you’re still navigating a potential mine field when it comes to food. We all have to eat, but obviously some foods are more date-appropriate than others. For instance–Garlic Baked Fish? Probably not so good if some sweet lovin‘ is planned for later. So what date foods should you be ordering? Get your answers from us with our list of the Five Best Date Foods You Can Order.



1. Pizza. Ah, a tried and true American favorite. Okay, so maybe it’s actually an Italian favorite, but you get the idea. Pizza is like sex: when it’s good, it’s real good, and when it’s bad…it’s still pretty good. Why is it a great date food? Compromise. You need to build all facets of you relationship, and no skill is more important than compromise. You and your date can hash out an agreement over what toppings to have on your pizza, and in doing so you’re building the skills you need to form a lasting relationship. Also, pizza is delicious!


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2. Burgers. For a fun, casual date, nothing beats a hamburger. There are a million and one ways in which a burger can be dressed, so both parties are sure to get what they want. Even vegetarians can have a portabello burger if they’re so inclined. A light, fun meal makes for good conversation, and that’s a key component for any date.



3. Lobster. A perfect way to impress your date, provided she doesn’t have any shellfish allergies, is to order twin lobsters. This is doubly true if she’s unskilled when it comes to taking apart a lobster. Show her how cultural you are by demonstrating your claw cracking prowess! Plus, lobster isn’t exactly cheap, so you get to show off a little. Go on, we won’t tell. Just be sure to wear a lobster bib–shellfish stains on your crispy shirt are a definite no-no.


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4. Fondue. It’s not just for the 1970s anymore! Fondue is coming back in a big way, and that’s because it’s a great date food. Fondue is begging to be shared by a couple sitting at a candle lit table, sipping some wine and talking about how much they love dipping stuff in cheese using tiny forks. And for dessert? Chocolate fondue, baby!



5. Roasted Chicken. Why chicken? Lots of reasons, actually. With beef, veal, pork, and other assorted meats, you run the risk of offending your date’s religion, or her philosophy. Sure, vegans may not approve of chicken consumption, but even they have to admit that a perfectly prepared piece of moist, succulent chicken is damn near impossible to resist. It’s one of the most versatile and available meats in the world, so it’s a safe bet that your date will enjoy a meal of the poultry persuasion!