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Every year, there are thousands of fireworks shows going on throughout the world. People stand in awe and watch explosions of color in the sky. To get the best experience of a firework show you can’t just get up and go to any random show. Plan a special trip to any one of these five destinations across the world to watch a one of a kind fireworks show. Trust us, it’s worth every cent!


1. Disneyland- California, United States. Advertised as the “happiest place on earth”, we’d be fools not to agree. In Anaheim, California, Disneyland puts on a spectacular fireworks show every night. They paint the sky in beautiful colors set to classic Disney movies. Its as if the fireworks are telling a story. Children, teenagers and parents stand unable to move, completely mesmerized by the lights.


2. HanabiJapan Every year in Japan there is a National Fireworks Competition. Located in Hanabi, people from all over the country get together and compete with their unique fireworks. The people practice throughout the summer and come finally come together in August in front of over a million people to showcase their fireworks. This is a great experience that everybody should go through at least once in a lifetime!


3. Bonfire Night- London, England. Ever year throughout England, there is a bonfire night. But, we recommend you attend it in a busy city, London for the best experience. The tradition of the bonfire night originated after the King of England survived an attack on him that was meant to end his life with use the use of explosives. Nowadays the country is full of parties around bonfires, fireworks displays and a lot of good food!


4. New Years- New York, United States. Head to New York City this New Year’s for one of the best fireworks shows you’ll ever see! Our favorite spot is Times Square; it’s packed full of people wearing neon necklaces and New Year’s hats. Not only does NYC have the best New Year’s party but the fireworks shows as the big apple drop are definitely a sight to see! As if the city isn’t bright enough as it is.


5. Festa del RedentoreItaly. The Festa del Redentore in Italy is a truly magical experience. This religious festival dates back all the way to the 16th century. All the people in Italy get together with lanterns at night and release them into the night sky before a grand, magnificent fireworks show brings the festival to a close. There are also many stalls and restaurants providing amazing food throughout the show. It is one experience that will spiritually awaken you.