Be honest, making out is fun no matter what age you are. It’s the best appetizer in the world. And depending on the main course, you probably don’t mind just having that appetizer for a while. While excessive making out in public places is considered to be childish or even taboo, when it’s you doing the making out, do you really care? Not at all. Even though the couple famously making out in the street during the Vancouver riots went for the opposite, the trick is finding the best places where you don’t have to worry about onlookers. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best public spots to flex your tongue muscles.

couple kissing in a movie theater.jpg

Movie theater. You all knew this one would be on here. Where else can you see a good movie a get some good tongue action? The best part about this public place is that it’s dark and everyone else will have their eyes glued to the screen. Secondly, depending on the time of day, you can get a lot more than tongue wrestling going on. It just depends on how brave you and your lady friend are willing to be.

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Coffee houses. Don’t bother with the big chain coffee houses, you want to go to the smaller more intimate venues if you want to get your tongue some air time. They’re darker. They usually have some sort of indie music playing. And, you’ll be surrounded by pseudo-hippie types that’ll be stoned out of their minds and or making out themselves. If you can’t beat them, join them, with the kissing of course.

kissing on a park bench .jpg

Park benches. Now, hold on. Before you raise a doubting eyebrow, just listen for a minute. Think about it. Park benches are in parks. What else is located in parks? Nature. Lots and lots of nature. Nature is, or can be very romantic. Unless of course you’re watching a show about wild animals eating other wild animals. But yes, nature is very romantic. So much in fact that it can create the perfect setting for a good make out session. Not only that, the people that catch you swapping spit with your lady will understand.

roller coaster kissing

Theme parks. You might not ordinarily consider these places romantic. But, you will see a lot of couples walking around. Young couples and old couples pretending to be young, everyone has a good time at a theme park. Hit a theme park and get your kiss on. Oh, and ride a few roller coasters as well.

drive in make out

The drive-in. These places, more so than any other on this list, were made for making out. Drive-in movie theaters magically transform the front seat of your car into your couch. Drive-ins are public enough for you to see other people, but because you’re technically in your car, it’s private enough to where you can get to third base without feeling like a pervert. What an awesome public make out spot!