While it’s important to like what you do and whom you work with, it can sometimes be hard to get to know your coworkers in the office. Easiest way to bond with your crew? Sign up for a social sports team! It’s a great way to get to know each other, and there’s always something to drink before, during or after the game. Here are five worth trying.


If you have a large group of coworkers, kickball is a great option. You can generally have up to 10 players in the field, and everyone gets multiple chances to kick. Plus, players who don’t feel comfortable playing in the field don’t have to. The rules are pretty simple, so most people can pick up on it quickly if they don’t already know how to play.
Fringe benefit:
You’ll feel much less threatened by that jerk in accounting once you witness him catching a big red ball with his face.


The best thing about darts is that it’s rare that anyone hits a bull’s eye, and once you get the hang of aiming, you almost always hit the board. While it can be played competitively, darts is also fun as a casual sport. So grab some shots with your coworkers and head to the board.
Fringe benefit:
If you’re so bored at your job that you spend most of the day flicking paper planes at your coworkers with pinpoint accuracy, this is your game!


Bowling is a great way to get to know your colleagues because there’s a lot of downtime between rolls. And as you hang around, enjoy booze and nachos. Because you can play without teams, everyone tends to get excited when someone does well. Bring on the strikes.
Fringe benefit:
Bowling can be a great stress reliever. Just imagine the head pin is that annoying receptionist who’s always asking if you have a case of the Mondays.


Pitcher’s got a big butt! Another sport that can accommodate a large team, softball has a position for everyone. If you aren’t great in the field, you can always DH. Have players who are nervous about batting? Most co-ed leagues allow more than four fouls to help as many players get on base as possible.
Fringe benefit
: Softball is very conducive to spectators, so even coworkers who don’t want to play can support the cause with cheering, heckling and, of course, post-game Twinkies.


Got an office full of energetic butter fingers? Time to learn the language of the feet! While there are a lot of nuances to soccer, at heart it’s about running and kicking. You can usually sub in as frequently as you want, too, so it’s easy to give 100 percent on the field … while lookingforward to post-game beverages, of course.
Fringe benefit:
That sporty marketing babe you’re always ogling? Your daydreams will be so much sweeter once you’ve glimpsed her gams in soccer shorts.