Some would say drinking is an art-form and a skill. You have to know what to drink, when to drink it and how much to drink! Tequila is an extremely strong Mexican liquor made from the blue agave plant. Different brands of tequila have different amounts of the plant juice, but a drink must have at least 51 percent of the juice to be considered tequila. If you have a bottle of cheap tequila, a couple of friends over and don’t quite know how to drink it, don’t worry. Look to our five best ways to drink cheap tequila for a night you won’t remember!


Drink it with your training wheels wheels on. Since tequila is so strong, you have to have something to neutralize the acidity of the burning sensation in your throat. First, cut a slice of lime and keep it close to you while you pour yourself a shot of your cheap tequila. Lick the back of your hand a little and pour some salt onto the area so it sticks. Now for the fun part! Lick the salt off your hand, quickly drink the tequila and suck on that lime! You should be able to do this in less than ten seconds.


Drink it with a sangrita! Now this is how it’s traditionally done in Mexico. A sangrita is a mixture of pureed tomatoes, onions, spices and lime juice. Pour equal amounts of the two drinks into two separate glasses. Alternately take sips of the two drinks. Remember-do not chug either. Sip it slowly! The sangrita stabilizes the acidity of the tequila and enhances its natural flavor.


Drink it with beer! This way of drinking tequila is very famous in the United States, probably because Americans love beer. You can do this two ways. If you’re a pro at drinking, invert a shot of tequila in an empty beer mug. Make sure no tequila spills out. Now, pour your favorite beer on top of the shot glass. Drink and watch a little tequila escape from the shot glass as you drink. If you’re not so familiar with drinking, the second method is more for you. Pour beer into a large mug and tequila into a small shot glass. Now, drop the shot glass into the mug and chug!


Make a margarita! Even if you’re not really familiar with alcohol, don’t worry-making a margarita is fairly easy. You will need 2 oz. tequila, 1 oz triple sec and 1 oz. lime. First, take out a margarita glass and coat the rim with lime juice from a lime wedge. Now dip the wet rim into a bowl containing salt. This will make the rim salty. Place the wedge onto the rim for presentation. Fill the glass with ice and place it into the freezer. Take the tequila, lime juice and triple sec and pour them into a martini/margarita shaker. Shake it for about two minutes until the contents are thoroughly mixed and pour them into the cold margarita glass.


Take a shot off of somebody! We prefer this option over all others for obvious reasons. The most important thing you need in this is a sexy person willing to be a part of the fun. Make the person lie down on a flat surface, perhaps a table. Lift up their shirt and place a shot glass of tequila on their stomach. You can even pour it into their belly button if you want. Now, lick their neck so it gets a little wet and pour a little bit of salt onto the damp place so the salt sticks. Lastly, cut a lime wedge and place it in their mouth with the fruit part sticking out. Ready for the shot? Lick the salt, do the shot (pick it up with your mouth only if its in a shot glass) and take the lime wedge with your mouth!