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Standing up and shouting how wildly successful you does not make people impressed. It instead makes you look like an idiot. Rubbing your success in people’s faces in a way that is a bit more subtle is much more effective. No one will care how big or powerful or rich or high up on the food chain you are if they simply can’t stand you. If you make a good impression from the get-go, on the other hand, people will not only be swooning over your successes, they will be chomping at the bit for you to tell them more.


Pick your audience. Your mom is not going to be impressed by all your hot air, and that same heat wave of bull is likely to completely turn-off your friends and lover. The ideal audience are people you are meeting for the first time, even better, old chums from high school at a class reunion. Those are the folks you can truly blow away with all your accomplishments, as long as you do it with some class.


Dress the part. Piling on lots of man bling may work for certain circumstances–it’s great for getting mugged in an alley-but otherwise you’re only going to look like a jackass. Dressing for success does not mean wearing loads of diamonds, gold or other ostentatious, expensive stuff you could not miss spotting from outer space. Keep it classy with high-end, tailored clothing or name-brand accessories that speak for themselves. That’s how a true baller does it, and you should too.

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Pick your moments. The best way to rub your success in other people’s faces is to wait for the right opening. The ideal opening comes in the form of a question, such as someone asking what you do for work or the general , “What have you been up to lately?” Bam. That is your time to shine. So dazzle away with your brilliant answer that leaves your audience with their mouths agape.


Be straightforward. Don’t tiptoe around with your answer. You’re not a ballerina. A good example mentioned in Psychology Today involves a guy who was asked where he went to college and he said “in Cambridge.” The article went on to note his answer only made it seem he was so pumped up by his own ugly ego that he just couldn’t say it that way. If you went to Harvard, you went to Harvard. If you own yacht, you own a yacht–not a pleasure craft that serves wine and is bigger than most New York apartments.

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Act like you deserve it. Proclaiming your success with your head down, your voice muffled and your feet turned inward like a crippled pigeon is not very impressive. It makes you look wimpy, weak and as if you are embarrassed by or not worthy of your achievements. Milquetoast. The best delivery for all that cool bragging comes with a confident stance, steady eye contact and a strong voice that illustrate you know you deserve all the good things that have come your way.