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Some guys feel weird about digging hot video game characters. They’re just pixels, right? Thankfully more than a few of the hottest video game characters have been rendered into flesh and blood and played by real, live hot women in movie versions. From Angelina’s Lara Croft to Samatha Mathis’ Princess Daisy, check out the hottest women to play the hottest video game characters.

Lara Croft: Angelina Jolie


When the game Tomb Raider was first released, Lara Croft caused quite a stir. Here was a hot female character who was able to kick butt with the best of them. Croft was created to contrast with other female characters found in video games. Of course, who better to play her in the movie version than Angelina Jolie, an actress known for both her looks and tough ways?

Princess Daisy: Samantha Mathis


The movie version of Super Mario Bros. wasn’t much to remember, but Samantha Mathis was certainly memorable as the hot Daisy, who was a regular woman in New York and a princess in another dimension. While the video game version of Daisy has red hair and a long dress, Mathis’ version is a more attractive and mature blond who likes to dig for bones under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Mona Sax: Mila Kunis.


Mona Sax is a non-playable assassin in the video game version of Max Payne (though she’s playable in the sequel). In the movie, she’s very playable indeed and is brought to life by the stunning Mila Kunis. The role was a change for Kunis, who is usually cast to play the cute girl next door in shows and movies such as “That 70’s Show” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. She does well playing the butt-kicking femme fatale, though.

Lt. Cammy: Kylie Minogue.


The days of super nintendo didn’t offer video game fans much in the way of hot characters, but Cammy White of Street Fighter was a step in the right direction.  It’s a shame the “Street Fighter” movie was so terrible, because Kylie Minogue was quite the improvement on the original 16-bit version of Cammy.

Claire Redfield: Ali Larter.

Ali Larter.jpg

The movie versions of “Resident Evil” feature a few hot women playing hot video game characters, among them actress Ali Larter who plays Claire Redfield, the main character in the movie and in the sequels to the first Resident Evil video game. As Claire, Larter’s hair was dyed a light red, which made her even hotter.