by Max G.

Spring is a time of renewal. The world is waking up from its winter slumber, love is in the air…and hot women are starting to break out their mini-skirts and bikinis again. Vernal equinox, the term for the beginning of spring, is actually Latin for “show more skin,” so it’s clearly a pretty sweet season. Here are the hottest women named after the month in which this beautiful process is already fully underway.

April Flowers

April began her career as an exotic dancer at a local club’s contest in exotic Anchorage, Alaska. After keeping burly lumberjacks just a little bit warmer for a night, she reportedly earned more than in the previous three weeks at her day job. April soon moved to Los Angeles to pursue a lucrative career in pornography, from which she bowed out in 2004 to move to Florida.

April Hunter

April is that zenith of feminine prowess that makes you melt and cower in fear all at the same time. She’s a triple threat: professional wrestling valet, fitness and glamour model, and former professional wrestler in her own right. She’s also graced our eyes as a burlesque dancer and adult centerfold, letting men around the world oggle her Amazonian physique in almost as many ways as she has submission techniques.

April Bowlby

April is best known for her recurring role on Two and A Half Men. She plays Kandi, Alan’s young, dimwitted ex-girlfriend, making prime time American audiences catch themselves both drool and giggle at their semi-regular sexual relationship. April also thankfully played “Stripper” in the US adaptation of Kath and Kim.

April Pearson

April is a young, up and coming, gorgeous English actress. She’s mostly widely known for appearing in the series Skins, the hugely-sexualized UK hit on every tube advert below the city surface. She was recently featured in a photoshoot for FHM Magazine, thoroughly cementing her position in the bathrooms of guy’s apartments around the world.

April Scott

April has been on shows like Deal or No Deal and CSI: Miami, and she of course starred in the direct-to-video prequel to the Dukes of Hazzard movie. Proving once again the excellent taste Maxim has in discovering hotties, she was also named 2006’s Girl to Watch in the December 2005 issue. She also recieved the highest pedigree for obvious allure a girl can acquire: she was also cast as the sole female in the Mötley Crüe’s video If I Die Tomorrow.

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