The kitchen will always be one of the key rooms in your home. When you are a single man or a man who does most of the cooking in your family, the kitchen is your domain. You want everyone to feel welcome, but there should be no doubt that it’s your area. You don’t want to have an unmanly kitchen. You can get the job done while avoiding feminine trappings that are often associated with kitchen design.

kitchen flowered curtains

Flowered curtains. In a woman’s kitchen, you will see flowered curtains throughout the room. Flower-related items-not necessarily flowers themselves-have a distinctly feminine feel to them, and you will want to avoid this a look if you want to create a manly feel to your domain. Solid, bold colors will give more of a masculine feel, while flowered curtains will create an impression that you will want to avoid at all costs.

kitchen hanging baskets

Hanging baskets. If you go into a woman’s kitchen, you may see a half-dozen or so hanging baskets with pots, pans, cooking utensils and everyday cooking items. This is not a masculine look. You are not trying to be all things to all people. A manly kitchen has a place for everything and everything in its place. Make sure you put the pots with the pots, the pans with the pans and the salt with the pepper. This means they should be placed in cabinets with the cabinet doors closed. You don’t want everyone to see the method behind the madness. It’s your kitchen business and nobody else’s.

kitchen backless stool

Backless stools. If you are in the kitchen preparing a meal for your guests, and you want them to hang out with you while you are doing this work, make them feel welcome by giving them comfortable bar stools with backs on them so they can sit, observe, converse and feel like they are part of the action. An unmanly kitchen may include several backless stools that really aren’t good for anything except tying your shoes or resting a drink on them. When you sit on a backless stool, you feel uncomfortable because you have no support for your upper body. You are sending a message when you put a backless stool in your kitchen that says, “Get out of here and don’t bother me.” That kind of silent hostility is as unmanly as it gets.

kitchen pastel colors

Pastel colors. If you want a manly kitchen, you have to avoid soothing pastel colors, which are often found in the design of a distinctly feminine kitchen. You want to use bright and bold colors, but do yourself a favor and avoid blue. This color tends to suppress the appetite, and your guests may stop eating after three or four bites if they are eating in a blue kitchen. Light pink and yellow are unmanly colors that should be avoided in your domain.

<img id="9192" src=" coolers.jpg" alt="wine coolers” />

Wine coolers. You don’t have to be a macho brute with nothing but six-pack after six-pack of domestic beer, but if you want to avoid an unmanly appearance, you should avoid placing any wine coolers in your refrigerator. Wine coolers are for dainty ladies who want to think they are drinking alcohol when they are really drinking flavored soda. While you’re at it, avoid offering wine before the meal. Wine may go with the meal you are cooking, but no matter what anyone tells you, if you open a bottle of wine and sip your drink slowly during the cocktail portion of the evening, you will look unmanly.