If you ever have a chance to travel to the Far East, one of the things you will enjoy the most during your journey across the Pacific is the delicious foods. You don’t have to go into the fanciest restaurants to get a feeling for the culture and the cuisine. There are great meals that you can purchase on the street throughout the continent. Here are six of the best Asian street foods you wish you were eating.


Wonton Mee. Wonton Mee is a popular Chinese dish, but you can find it in several other countries throughout Asia. The basic ingredients are somewhat chewy egg noodles surrounded by a sticky soy sauce and sambal, which is very hot. It is topped with kale, onions, and steamed wontons. In Malaysia, you may want to buy this dish in a delicious broth and eat it like soup.


Moo Ping. If you have a penchant for pork and you are traveling in Bangkok, you will get a thrill from the street dish called Moo Ping. Prior to being grilled, the pork is marinated in fish sauce, cilantro and coconut milk. It is then doused with garlic and served over rice. It usually comes with a spicy chili dipping sauce.


Kho Pad Poo. This is a type of fried rice that is extremely popular in Bangkok. Flavorful jasmine rice is combined with Thai fish sauce, crab, and a scrambled egg. It is cooked in a wok and the result is a light and fluffy dish that you may become addicted to quickly.

Nem Cua Be. This is one of the most delectable and popular dishes in Vietnam. In particular, it’s a signature dish on the streets of Hanoi. Nem cua be is a crab spring roll but instead of being shaped in a familiar circular pattern, it is square. Quite simply, it is deep fried deliciousness.


Sticky Rice. This is another popular item in Vietnam and many of the residents will eat sticky rice as a quick breakfast. It is rich in carbs and wrapped in a banana leaf. There are many ways to serve it, but when it is topped with crushed peanuts and sesame salt, you will get an immediate taste bud rush. Another popular form of sticky rice includes white corn and shallots.


Dakkochi. This is one of the most popular street foods found in South Korea. As you stroll through Seoul, you can buy these skewers of chicken that have been cooked with garlic and salt. You will be given a tangy dipping sauce and the chicken skewers can be topped with crunchy peanuts, cheese, or anything else you like.