The 6 Best College Traditions


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College is all about making memories, and many of these memories become traditions that students of that school partake in every single year. Some are outrageous, some are absurd, but all are fun. Otherwise, why would they become traditions? Doing these sorts of ridiculous things because everyone else at the school is doing them is really what college is all about. Check out these six best college traditions.


Mirror Lake Jump at Ohio State University. On the eve of the Ohio State versus Michigan game, which is almost always in the dead of winter, thousands of students go down to an area known as Mirror Lake and jump in. It’s usually just around freezing, and most of the kids jumping in are wasted and basically naked. It looks like an incredible tradition  to be a part of…and really freaking cold.


Marathon Monday at Boston University. While some of the best athletes in the world are running the world renowned Boston Marathon, Boston University students are partying as hard as possible. They wake up at 5:30 in the morning and begin drinking when the marathoners begin running, cheering or vomiting them on, whatever comes first. This tradition has spread to Boston as a whole, not surprisingly.


Naked Quad Run at Tufts University. The esteemed Boston-based medical school has the tradition of their students running naked around the quad the evening before final exams begin. Considering these are mostly medical students, and it occurs in the dead of winter, the future of medicine is clearly troubling. There are also am ample number of creepy bystanders who love this tradition.


Hash Bash at Michigan University. Since pot is basically legal in Michigan, and there is a massive left wing hippie contingent in Ann Arbor, it only makes sense that the hash bash would still exist. Every spring, thousands upon thousands of people come out to smoke pot and hash (and various other things) and talk about pot being legal. There are also a lot of baked goods, music and little the cops can do about it, since possession is only a civil infraction.


Pumpkin Drop at MIT. Nerds have traditions, too, and the annual pumpkin drop at MIT is one of the best. Every Halloween, students head to the Green Building, which is the tallest building in Cambridge, and drop pumpkins off the roof. Why? Physics man, physics.

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The Little Five Hundred at Indiana University. Everyone rides a bike in college, but who would have thought that the biggest bike race among college kids would be at Indiana University? Every year, Indiana holds the Little Five Hundred: the largest collegiate bike race in the world. It consists of a week of parties, large concerts and a lot of rowdy fun that would make any college party crowd impressed.


Spring Fling at University of Pennsylvania. This isn’t the traditional lame Spring Fling that other schools have. Penn and all their Ivy League alums bring in some of the biggest acts in music every year, with free food, carnival rides and tons of drunken debauchery. Ivy leaguers can be party animals, too, and this week every year proves it.