Deodorant is something every man should wear, regardless of sweat. You know why? Because you’ll stink otherwise. There’s not a man out there who doesn’t stink on a daily basis unless they wear the right deodorant for the activities they are doing. Check out six of the best deodorants out there you probably aren’t wearing already since you wouldn’t care about these top deodorants otherwise.


Degree V12 This deodorant is for the most active of guys out there, the ones who are biking ten to fifteen miles a day, going on epic jogs, mountain climbing or running marathons. This stick literally responds to increased adrenaline.

Speed stick pro extra dry antiperspirant deodorant by mennen - 2.7 oz.jpg

Speed Stick Pro Extra Dry This deodorant is for the dudes who are always sweaty, regardless of what they are doing. Like sitting at their desk, typing. Beyond probably needing to get in better shape, applying this deodorant regularly will at least keep you from stinking while you shed the weight.


MenScience Advanced Deodorant If your stink is extra strong and can literally repel everyone who smells you at your stinkiest—especially your loved ones—you need this MenScience deodorant. It will stop almost all stinks over the course of a day. However it’s a little pricey at seventeen bucks a stick.


Speed Stick Pro Skin If you have sensitive skin that often breaks out into a rash when you have applied deodorants in the past, try this deodorant. It’s made with soybean oil, so it won’t irritate your skin at all and still probably do it’s job.


AXE Body Spray There aren’t many good body sprays since they can clog your pores, but AXE is the one exception. Not only does it not hurt your skin, it also smells great, drawing women to you as the commercials imply.


Gillette Clinical Strength This deodorant kind of does everything you need a deodorant to do—It stops wetness, stink and keeps skin healthy. It’s often a favorite of people who are shooting fashion shoots because it stops all sweating and doesn’t show up on camera.