East Coast Road Trip

The road trip is a rite of passage everyone should partake in. A road trip is an adventure that’s different for each participant but also comes with myths people have only encountered on screen. Route 66, East coast to West coast trips and Pacific Coastal Highways journeys have been ingrained into pop culture as some of the best places to travel, with the old American adage of “Go West,” meaning that most of these infamous treks focus on the Pacific side of the United States. However, the East coast possesses some glorious stretches of land that deserve to be toured.

Eastern Seaboard

New York—Miami By starting and ending your road trip with New York and Miami, you’ll visit two of the most varied and infamous cities America has to offer. Through your 1,200 mile journey you will get the opportunity to see the Big Apple, Philadelphia, Baltimore and the nation’s capital as well as a plethora of other cities all along the Eastern seaboard that include Richmond and Savannah. Make sure you plan your trip in advance otherwise there’ll be too much to see with no time to see it.


Miami—Key Largo—Key West This may only be a short road trip, but it’s a must for anyone visiting the Sunshine State. Although the Overseas Highway only stretches about 127 miles, you are surrounded by ocean on your drive and offers up some unique and spectacular views. Along the way you’ll drive through the famous towns of Key Largo and Marathon, and follow the path of the Overseas Railroad, which was destroyed by a hurricane in 1935.


Toronto—Detroit—Cleveland—Buffalo—Niagara Falls An underrated road trip, but one in which you get to visit some of the most seldom seen yet spectacular cities North America has to offer. Toronto and Cleveland are beautiful places filled with museums, restaurants and shops that rival any city in the country as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Detroit and Buffalo have fallen on hard times but still have hidden treasures to unlock in addition to possessing easy vantage points to Niagara Falls and Lake St. Clair.


U.S. Hwy 1, Maine This is one of the most scenic and mesmerizing journeys you can take in the United States. The drive up the U.S. 1 offers teasing glimpses of saltwater marshes and delightful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean before a deluge of pristine and immaculate cities filled with mom and pop stores that evoke an aura of a much simpler time. Be sure to make a pass through the stunning Acadia National Park as well.


Boston—New York City—Philadelphia—Baltimore—Washington D.C. A big city tour across five of the most varied cities in the country that are only 450 miles apart. Boston’s attitude is so contagious you’ll be checking your family tree for Irish blood before you leave Massachusetts. New York City is the greatest city in the world. Enough said. Philadelphia is a mixture of history and a Philly cheese steak, Baltimore is a diverse city of art, beauty and commerce that has more to offer than the Avon Barksdales and Stringer Bells of the world whilst D.C. is full of museums that offer a distinct view of America’s history.

marthas vineyard

New England Driving through New England in the fall could well be the cure to cancer. You can explore Martha’s Vineyard then whale watch from Barnstable to Cape Cod and you’ll feel as close to heaven as you ever have without the threat of God’s wrath hanging over you.