Your face is generally the first thing people notice about you. And by “people”, you know we mean “women“. Given your face’s prominent role in attracting the opposite sex, it makes sense that you’d want it to be in tip-top condition, right? Back in the day, men never worried about facial cleansers, but today’s man is a different breed, and we know about the benefits of properly cleansing our faces. With that in mind, take a look at this list of the six best face washes for men so you can keep your grill-piece in showroom condition.

John Allan’s Scrub Exfoliating Cleanser

John Allan's Scrub Cleanser

If your skin is looking waxy and sullen like an overripe squash, then you may want to invest in a good exfoliating wash. This product from John Allan has received high praise for its effectiveness in removing dead skin cells from your face while its proprietary blend of moisturizers keeps your skin smooth. Exfoliating is important in helping to prevent in-grown hairs, so if that’s an issue for you, then make sure you don’t overlook this important process.

MenScience’s Daily Face Wash

MenScience Face wAsh

MenScience is a top name in men’s body care, and their face wash shows why. One of the key factors in men’s face washes is understanding that fragrance can sometimes be a bad thing. Your face wash isn’t a cologne, nor should it be used as one. MenScience specializes in keeping things simple, yet very effective, and that’s why their facewash is nearly odorless. It smells like “Clean Face”, which is exactly what you want. Apart from that, this lotion excels at removing oily build-up and debris while also moisturizing your face.

Nivea’s Double Action Face Wash

Nivea double Action face wash

“Double Action” may sound like the name of a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, but don’t be fooled; this face wash is serious business. It has a mild foaming action, which helps it penetrate deeper into your pores in order to dig out all the nasty stuff that’s been building up in there. And like any good face wash, it contains vitamins, which are essential for maintaining your face’s supple skin.

Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

A popular pick among men’s magazines, Cetaphil’s Daily Face Cleanser is another of those products whose brilliance is in its simplicity. It uses mild agents like castor oil to help moisturize your skin, while it remains nearly odorless. No man wants to smell like a flower, right? This cleanser also contains an extra bit of glycerin, making it particularly good for very dry or sun-damaged skin.

Nivea For Men’s Extra Gentle Face Wash

nivea gentle face wash

The aforementioned product from Nivea is all well and good, but what if you have very sensitive skin? You know, the kind of skin that’s prone to breakouts and irritation if anything other than water gets on it? Well, Nivea has got your back, brother, with their Extra Gentle formula. It has no fragrance, no color dyes and no alcohol. They took out everything they could, while still making a face wash that does a great job.

Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser

Jack Black wash.jpg

The Jack Black line of products has really built a reputation as extremely effective-yet-affordable men’s health goods. This facial cleanser is both a face wash and a toner, which helps keep the skin nice and elastic, meaning it reduces saggy skin and laugh lines. On top of that, it doubles as a great pre-shaving lotion, helping to perk up the facial hair for easier shaving. With its mild combination of aloe and sage leaf, this men’s face wash is one of the absolute best around.